Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eyebrows- how to shape, define, and make them fabulous!

My sister in law introduced me to the Anastasia eyebrow look.  Thanks to her, me and my three sisters have used this kit faithfully and get great compliments on our brows.
Photos taken by SamiJoPhotography
great awkward selfie- but love my brows!

My sister in law is the QUEEN of eyebrows.  Follow her on Instagram at tweetybird85 to see some great eyebrows! She does that Anastasia brow as well.

So I would like you to all know that I am NOT a professional.  I do this for fun, and these are tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way.  That being said, eyebrows are a BIG DEAL.  I don't know if you've seen those pictures with celebrities and they have taken their eyebrows off of them, and suddenly they are almost not even recognizable.  That's because your eyebrows shape your face and can either enhance your beauty, or not so much.  The importance is to stop over plucking! The thin and tiny lined drawn eye brows are out, and probably won't come back in style, ever. Sorry.  The full look is in, but you don't have to have thick eyebrows for them to look great.  You just need to fill them in well.  To start off with what I use for my eyebrows.  These products are pricey yes, but they are an investment. I purchased them at Nordstrom and you I'm sure could find them online.  They are made from a line called Anastasia.  She is amazing at making eyebrows look beautiful.  This is the product the Kardashian's use, and why I was so fascinated with this line in the first place.  This is what you will need.....

Stencils! I had a friend order these stencils that were a cheaper version so that's acceptable as long as they follow the Anastasia criteria.  I use the medium arch and have used medium on MOST of my friends.  Those of you who are blessed with thick and full eye brows use full arch and people like my mom who has very very thin brows uses petite arch. You need tweezers, or you can wax if you know how to do that. You need a brow powder color similar to your own or a shade darker.  You need clippers so you can trim your brows, and you need a brush to put the powder on. 

First Step- Take the stencil and place it over your eyebrow.  Figure out which stencil looks the most natural with your brow and which has the most hair to cover it. 

(This is my friend Rachel's eyebrow I did hers today, she is also a medium arch) She is laying down because that's how I do them but when doing them to yourself you probably should be standing up and looking directly into a mirror.

Second Step- Fill in the whole brow with dark powder.  Doesn't matter the color, just needs to be darker than your own hair so you will know exactly where to pluck.  Make sure and hold the stencil down as tightly to the skin as you can but also make sure it looks natural too.  Also, make sure you go as long as the stencil is.  Your eyebrows may seem very wide, but actually having longer eyebrows makes you look younger. 

Third Step- Take off the stencil and only pluck where there is no powder.  The powder will show you exactly where to pluck! This is where you might look a little goofy with the dark eye brows (like miss lippy from Billy Madison- you'll only get it if you've seen it).  So pluck everywhere there isn't powder.  

Fourth Step- Trim the brows! When trimming you need to make sure you cut against the direction the hair is growing and don't ever trim too short you only trim up to where the stencil line ends.  Comb your brows upward and only trim to where the stencil had ended.  Don't ever cut shorter than the stencil line.  (I had to repeat that because I've made that mistake)

Fifth Step- Wash off the dark colored powder.  You're almost done!

Sixth Step- Fill back in the brows with the powder of your choice.  I like my brows darker so I use a darker color, and some people like a lighter color.  It's all your preference.  Fill back in the brows with the powder of your choice and don't fill it too heavily.  Use the stencil as a guideline for filling back in the brows.  Put some eyebrow gel if you have any to hold them in place and then fill them in according to the stencil.  I've done this for so long that I don't really use a stencil anymore! That's the benefit of using them for so long.  You will love the eyebrows! In my next tutorial I will show you how I tint them!  Any questions just email me.  Also, select Nordstrom's have Anastasia experts who will use this same process for about $30 and then you can upkeep them yourself after.  

Here are the results from my friend Rachel's today
She's one of those naturally gorgeous people.  The left is before and right is after!