Friday, August 17, 2012

Summa time where the livin's easy

Summer has been good to us.  I'm too lazy to write a lot, our pictures will tell the story of our summer.

     Marcus coached some BYU youth basketball camps.

I started playing flag football with my relief society.  I was the tight end, had no idea what I was doing but luckily Marcus coached me so I did alright! my team was awesome.
 We went to the alpine slides in park city with the Larks- SO FUN!

 Rachel and I
 Marcus and James 
 Great minds think alike, obviously
 Moonlight sundance lift ride at night- so peaceful minus the person who had their phone blasting rap music, then again it was a good lil wayne song. 
 Playing monopoly on her kindle with our niece Maycee
 Mitch doing a backflip! 
 Swimming at the Orem Pool
 My nieces LOVE Marcus! He played nintendo with them, they loved it we loved spending time with them.
 24th of July BBQ in the Huntington courtyard with friends.
 All the men grilling it up
 4-wheeling!! turns out I'm not as adventurous as I thought and kept telling Marcus to slow down. 
 Mitch being Mitch
 Mitch feeding their pet sheep, the sheep was fat huge and nasty. 
 Paintballing.  My gun never worked I never shot anyone nor got hit. That's how I play paintball.
 My love
 shooting a gun for the first time, accidentally pointed a loaded gun at everyone oops! they're fine though.
 Marcus shooting

Family photo sesh with the Mathews

 His new birthday outfit! His shoes are sweet you can't really tell though because of the glare. Can you tell we like Nike? 
 Marcus had a great article in the paper! 
 Love these men. Brothers, they are best friends it's so cute
 Marcus always closes his eyes in sun pictures he has really sensitive eyes haha. At least he's not putting up the shaka. thank you honey.

Going to lunch with my beautiful pregnant friends!! The one on the left, Janae just had her baby and the one in the middle,  Carolyn, is due this week anytime! So happy for them. 
There's our summer in a nutshell.  Happy Friday!


  1. I'm so honored I made it on the bloggggg!!I just love you so much!

  2. wow gorgeous blog babe!!!! So excited to read more posts!! So happy you have a blog now!

  3. cute cute! I can't wait to get updated on my blog, lots of pics to download :) I really like the Mathews family photo shesh. AND ps we got cable for the first time in 4 years, now we are all over watching Marcus play this thursday on ESPN.....go US! (and Marcus)