Friday, September 14, 2012

Favorite time of the year!!

I love this time of year.  Fall time is my favorite!!! There starts to be a cool breeze in the air, I can wear my fall clothes, I can wear boots, layer it up, it's my birthday, it's football season, and best of all, fall in Utah is BEAUTIFUL.  I just wanted to update what we've been up to..

I just work at a clinic right next to the hospital.  Marcus started school at the Y and has a full class load. He's studying exercise science, so a lot of health and science books lying around our house! He's a junior so two more years! I went to my first game being married and it was so much fun.  My parents came with me too! My dad used to play at BYU as well so it's fun for them.
 My parents and I.
 He did great in the game! So proud of him :)
 Some of the football wives.. and the cutest baby!! Camden.

The games have been a lot of fun! and this is my besty Megan. Love this woman more than anything. 

I should probably take more pictures of the actual game haha! I'll try for that next time.

 we def went to the batting cages haha
 our massage chains with our nieces
 my nieces are obsessed with Marcus! he's so sweet with children.
 Um I don't know.
I bought Marcus a new iphone cover.  This is the greatest purchase I've ever made for him, he shows everyone and is so proud I picked out an Avengers phone cover! Okay that's all for now.  Life is perfect. We feel really blessed lately! 

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