Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Grandma

Marcus says he likes my picture posts the best, but whatever this is one I must write about haha.  My dad grew up in Alhambra, CA.  He grew up with only his Mom because his Dad left when he was only 3.  My grandma was left to work 3 jobs, while raising two young kids.  She wasn't a member of the church her entire life.  My dad is a convert and was converted when he was recruited for football and came to BYU.  My grandma is a strong willed woman.  She has a good heart, and even was still nice to my dad when he decided he wanted to get baptized, and supported him while he was on his mission writing letters to him.  I grew up knowing she wasn't a member, I remember when I was little she always smelled like smoke because smoking was a big habit of hers.  I remember 3 years ago around this time, my Dad calling me and saying your Grandma has been taking lessons from the sister missionaries lately.  Here is my stubborn and strong willed Grandma, listening to these young ladies about the gospel.  Her entire life she wasn't a member, but watching how other mormons had lived their lives and with those sister missionaries helping out and everyone else who is a good example, she knew it was true for herself.  My Grandma who was 80 years old at the time, was baptized 3 years ago next week.  She was able to come and watch Marcus and I be sealed and that was the first sealing she had been to.  I have such a special relationship with her and have watched her grow these last three years.  My Grandma deserves the world, I love her and just wanted to share her story.  I'm so happy she found a religion that is good for her and that she is so happy.  She has so many new friends with her ward now(she lives in a condo in St. George).  I just wanted to share her story, seeing her this happy is a wonderful thing.  I love you Mamma! (what we've called her since we were little).  Marcus has also stolen her heart, we're so grateful for our Grandma Bybee.


  1. That's a nice story Hayden! See you never give up in this life, miracles happen! luv, Mom

  2. That's a nice story Hayden! See you never give up in this life, miracles happen! luv, Mom

  3. I love your Mema!!! That is a really cool story!