Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Marcus's Upcoming Surgery/Conference Weekend

Well, the doctors want Marcus to get a tonsillectomy as well as his adenoids out, and a sinus procedure ASAP!(they will be taking cartilage from behind his ears and putting it in his sinuses).  Right after Marcus and I were married, he kept getting strep throat.  He lost a lot of weight, and was very sick.  He had strep 3 times in 2 months, so the doctors started saying he really needs to get his tonsils out, especially since he doesn't have a spleen (he lost it Nov 2010 playing in the UNLV game) he is having a hard time staying healthy.  The surgery is scheduled for October 16, and we are really hopeful this will help him stay healthy! He's also lucky because he gets to medical red shirt, and now I get him all to myself for a while! :) Now he gets 2 more years to play with Mitch, he's stoked! But definitely scared to go under the knife and be recovering for 3 weeks.

Picture from the summer- One of the many trips to Macey's to get Marcus's penicillin. Mitch got strep too, probably from being over at our house.  Luckily I had my tonsils out a couple years ago, so I won't be getting sick! The same doctor who took mine out, is taking Marcus's out, Dr. Riddle. He's the best!

Conference was so much fun our good friends had us over and we made us delicious crepes with strawberries.  It was so neat hearing the announcement that girls can now go on a mission at 19! And the men (I mean BOYS) can leave at 18 right after high school.  Marcus went straight after high school on his mission and so he was excited about that change.  Conference was wonderful! Our leaders are so inspired and always know where to hit the spot.
We obviously paid attention...
Here is Marcus, The Larks, and the Muehlmann's.

We went and saw Taken 2! We went in a big group, honestly it was alright.  I was way too excited for it, but I definitely think the first one was better, but still it was fun.  It was all romantic though it was weird haha.  Still good times with fun people!

Last of all HOW AMAZING IS MY DAD!!! He ran the St George Marathon for the 4th time!!! He loves running.  What a baller.  He beat his time last year by 1 minute! Alright dad!


  1. I feel so bad he has to have surgery again! I had my tonsils taken out when I was three! Good luck Marcus!