Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Activities and Surgery time

Black out game!!! The black out game was really fun.  The jersey's the team wore were sweet! I was happy they still made Marcus a jersey even though he's medical red shirting.  It was fun cheering for Marcus's brother Mitch.  It's so cute seeing them both on the sidelines, they love being on the same team together.  My sister came in town with her boyfriend (she lives in Newport beach) that was fun meeting Jaime.  He's from Australia and had a sweet accent! They also had the alumni go down on the field and my dad went down with his old football team back in the days, it was neat!

We went up to Sundance while my little sister was in town, and we also carved pumpkins.  Marcus planned this whole Avengers pumpkin and wanted us to practice but I thought we would be fine and didn't need to but obviously we struggled a bit with ours haha we ended up using toothpicks to hold it together, it turned out alright!

Sundance was SO beautiful!!! The mountains are gorgeous at fall time.

                                                              I love this man so much!
His new obsession- shooting guns 
                       he made his own target to practice shooting at in my parents back yard

  It's only a BB gun but he now wants a real gun.  I was hesitant at first, but he loves it, so we'll get him one soon so he can go shooting with his friends.  It's only to shoot pop cans and targets.

SURGERY TIME!!! Marcus's surgery went really well.  He went in for surgery at 3PM and they didn't get started until about 4:30.  It was about a 3 hour surgery.  I waited to take him home until midnight because when he came out of surgery he was in so much pain and I just kept feeding him ice chips.  Mitch came and helped out which was nice and my friend Kara made me dinner and brought it.  We have such amazing friends and family.  Marcus was hilarious before his surgery and really happy and funny.

         He kept reading his chart and in the notes the nurse had said that he was "very anxious" before                   his surgery haha we both thought that was funny.

POST SURGERY: he was def in a lot of pain poor guy.  He's doing okay though and will hopefully be all back to his regular self in the next 3 weeks.  He had a tonsillectomy, took out his adenoids, and also a sinus procedure.



  1. Even though I see you often, I love reading your blog. Good job! Mom

  2. What a fun weekend with everyone. I hope Marcus recovers quickly!!