Sunday, December 2, 2012

October/November Update

My birthday was great fun, Marcus was still recovering from his surgery but he planned a lot for me still. He's so sweet.  He bought me a matching band for my ring that is so beautiful.  He also came to work and brought me flowers, he's so great!! It was a fun day, I went to lunch at Olive Garden with my mom and then since Marcus was still sick we celebrated my birthday another night.  

I also got to see one of my Besty's Megan!! She gave me the cutest infinity scarf and we of course went to Zupas. She's such a good friend I just love her so much! We always have a blast together. 

Halloween was great.  We were Woody and Jesse! We went to a football couples party at the Jergensen's.  We played the newlywed game, I was amazed at what Marcus remembers about me haha.  It was a lot of fun! I love seeing what people dress up for at Halloween.

Marcus's costume was obviously a little small on him.  

We are now proud owners of a gun.  Marcus says he needs 3 guns to complete his collection.  We bought him a Remington .22 He also wants a hand gun, and a shot gun.  I wasn't really into guns until we went shooting.  It's actually really cool to be able to hit the targets.  Once we bought the gun a safe case that no one can get into but him, I feel much safer.  We went shooting with the Jorgensen's and the Larks, and Mitch :)

For Thanksgiving we went to St. George.  My sister lives there and my Grandma too.  I have a feeling my parents will be moving down there soon as well to join everyone.  My little niece's LOVE Marcus.  He played games with them, and we went shooting, shopping, and ate a lot of food! There was a "weight gain competition" whoever ate the most food at Thanksgiving.. and of course Marcus won.  We also won a gift basket yahoo!

 Yes I live in my scrubs, didn't change after work

      Meet our new niece! Samantha Smith.  She is so sweet! Congrats Matt and Shannon!
ALSO... I went to the last football home game of the season.  It was FREEZING!!! But I wanted to stay through the whole thing.  I'm excited to watch Marcus and Mitch play again the next 2 years! Mitch got hurt and just had surgery on his shoulder.  Marcus and I are way excited for the bowl game! We're going to San Diego this year.  


  1. I never liked guns until I was married and now I own three :) and that's hilarious you have a weight gain competition!