Monday, December 31, 2012

Best Year of Our Lives....Yet!

I have been thinking a lot lately about this past year.  The event that stands out to me, was obviously getting married.  I was able to get married and sealed to my best friend on April 21. It was one of the most amazing and spiritual experiences of my life.  I asked Marcus what his favorite thing about this year was, and he said I can't say one thing, every day I get to be with you, and every day is a good day because of that.  How cute! Don't worry he won't ever read that I'm typing this I don't think he reads our blog haha.  I love that man more than anything, we both have never been happier.  Marriage has been really easy for us, and we feel so lucky to have found each other. Getting to be with your best friend all the time, is the greatest feeling in the world.  Someone you trust completely, and who is funny and always making you laugh. He works hard in everything he does, so he can provide for our family.  Marcus worked so hard this semester in school, and did really well at BYU! I'm impressed.  He wants to go to PA school to become a physicians assistant.  He is good with the science/math subjects.  I am so happy I married such a good person.  I remember someone telling me to always look for a guy that is genuinely nice.  Marcus is such a genuinely good person, and always thinking of the good in people, I never hear him talk bad about someone.  I was married when I was older (of course for Provo) I was 25.  I dated a lot of idiots, and learned a lot of important and hard lessons.  I appreciate my husband each day for the person that he is, and that I waited until I found the most perfect man for me.

Here's to 2012! I won't ever forget you.

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