Monday, December 31, 2012

Bowl Game

The bowl game was so fun! This year they flew us to San Diego.  It was beautiful, I hadn't been to that city before in California but I loved it.  It was nice too because Marcus didn't play this year (Marcus got a red shirt) which meant I got Marcus all to myself ha.  We stayed at the Hilton hotel.  We went to the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, USS Midway, and other fun places.  When the team all left, we stayed an extra 4 days with Marcus's parents and Mitch and went to Disneyland! Since my fam goes there all the time, I was the tour guide. We even had Christmas in San Diego.  It was a great vacation! Here are all the pics I took.
                 on the plane... we flew from the Provo Airport, that was a first flying out of there for me!
   View from our Hotel room!
                          Marcus getting ready for practice I think he just worked out w the team
                              SeaWorld!! My favorite by far was the sea lion show
                                                                Rachel and I!
                            We are never ready for pictures hah
                                            The kick off luncheon at the USS midway.
                         Marcus, Adam, and Devin
                       Adam Hogan just Tim Tebowing...we love adam!
                                      Us with Devin and Lindsay Mahina
                                Kylie Cox, Rachel Lark, and I just doing what we do best! Shopping
                     Luke feeding Marcus a carrot in the hospitality suite. Luke is so dang cute and fun!
       At the QualComm Stadium in San Diego right before the game!
                                                          Cutest brothers I know!
                           When we went to the San Diego Zoo, all the animals were asleep!
                                                          Just posing with a bear
                    Marcus and Mitch went swimming in Newport. The water was freezing, they are crazy
                                      I almost beat Marcus in this game, I was so close
 I die laughing each time I see this.  Disneyland wouldn't sell us this picture because of the "obscene gesture" and groping.  Nice work ha!
     By the Christmas Tree at San Diego Zoo! I want a monkey now.
                              Such a fun trip! I could go to Disneyland all day everyday.


  1. That looks like lots of fun! way cute pics. My blog is having problems. It won't let me post pics right now grrr annoying! But yours is real cute.