Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's a BOY!

Marcus's dreams came true at our 16 week ultrasound.  We are having a baby BOY.  The pressure is off me, he has his son now so even if we have 4 more girls, life is good. I'm thrilled we are having a boy.  I feel like a boy for some reason seems less high maintenance and easier to please hopefully.  We have had a blast coming up with names.  Marcus wants the name Bjorn from his mission in Sweden. Bless his heart, that will never happen.  I already have his name picked out, I just need to convince Marcus, but I'm pretty good at that.

I am almost 21 weeks pregnant.  My sickness has pretty much subsided, I feel so lucky for that.  We had a long doctors appointment yesterday at the ultrasound and I loved seeing our little guy up on the screen.  He was face planted and covering his face, already stubborn I see.  Everything was fine in measurements, they did find a little something on his heart which they said to not worry about and I am going in tomorrow to have it looked at more thoroughly.  It's called and Echogenic intracardiac focus and my doctor assured me it won't be anything since it was the only problem we found.  I'm sure it will be nothing.  Marcus gave me a beautiful blessing that assured me of our babies health.  I just have to work on faith now.

I just had to talk for a minute about Marcus.  We had both been praying a lot about his future and what he wanted to pursue with his studies.  He loves medical things and always knew it would be that route. He is now in anatomy and keeps getting amazing scores on his test/quizzes.  Scores I def never got at BYU.  It's been so neat to watch my husband find something he is so passionate about.  He comes home each day from BYU and tells me all that he learned in his anatomy lab, or something about physiology and our baby and its development.  It's so neat watching your spouse find something that they love and are excited about.  I know he will be so great in the medical field, and a great Physician's Assistant.  I'm so proud of him and how hard he has been working for our family.  Seeing your spouse happy each day is such a blessing.  We are so excited to start our little family.

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  1. Hayden a BOY! That is so exciting. I'm sure your husband will be in heaven. I hope everything with his little heart turns out okay. Sometimes things can be a little scary with getting these little ones here. Thinking of you!