Friday, March 8, 2013


I would hear about "nesting" as moms prepare for their future baby.  This term couldn't be more real or applicable to my life lately.  This last week I have been shopping online for our baby furniture and the necessities.  I just finished ordering everything and can't wait to put it all together.  I love white baby furniture and decided to go that route.  The colors I chose were grey and yellow and light blue.  I also ordered our stroller, car seat, crib, rocking chair, nursing pump and pretty much all the baby necessities.  I love it because I just show Marcus what I picked and he goes oh that looks so great.  Haha.  I also ordered him a pack n play, I've heard great things about those.  The only thing Marcus requested was not a "girly" diaper bag because he will be the one carrying it so I went with a grey one that's pretty cute! I am constantly texting my sister who has four kids, and different friends who are moms asking them about their opinions on products.  Also, the appt I recently had went great and they looked at his heart and said everything else was fine and even did some blood work on me and said he is healthy and it probably is just a calcium deposit, what a relief.

Also, our 1 year anniversary is coming up! We are going to celebrate it at the roof in SLC and do a temple session in the SLC temple where we were married.  Can't believe it has almost been one year, marriage keeps getting better and better just when you think it's already so amazing.

I was reading a talk the other day by Gordon B. Hinckley, it was beautiful.  It was titled, "To the Women of the Church".  It commends the women of the church and the sacrifice they make in being mothers.  It also talks about being grateful and enjoying each day.  Here is an excerpt from it, "Count your blessings; name them one by one.  You don't need a great big mansion of a house with an all-consuming mortgage that goes on forever.  You do need a comfortable and pleasant home where love abides.  Someone has said that there is no more beautiful picture than that of a good woman cooking a meal for those she loves.  Weigh carefully that which you do.  You do not need some of the extravagances that working outside the home might bring.  Weigh carefully the importance of your being in the home when your children come from school".  This quote really stood out to me, I have always just wanted to be a stay at home mom and realize that maybe the world doesn't always commend that.  I have been blessed with an education and degree which resulted in having some great jobs and experiences but with all that, I can't wait for my next job being a mom.  I think of my own mom who sacrificed a lot to stay at home and raise her five children.  She is wonderful, and I hope I can be a mom like her.

Also, spring football started! No more 6AM work outs, now they have practice at different times through out the day.  Marcus is getting close to this semester being over! I think he is going spring semester from May-July to stay ahead of his game with school.  It's so fun that he gets to play football with his little brother, they are the best of friends.

Oh and Mitch was in a dunk contest and won.  Here is a video from it...

In one of them he even jumps over Marcus's head! Ha it was fun I was sitting court side watching this and cheering before the Gonzaga game.


  1. I love reading you blog!! So dang cute! Glad you're getting everything done!

  2. So proud of my beautiful daughter! I love you, Mom

  3. so excited for you and marcus! being pregnant isn't so bad when the sickness goes away huh?! (although i still have to take zofran and still throw up 2-3 days a week..blahh!) also, i am going to dr. judd too :) he delivered all my mom's kids and most of my nieces and nephews.. he's pretty great! glad you are feeling better!