Wednesday, April 10, 2013

St. Geezy/Spring BYU Game/Easter/26 weeks!

This last weekend, since spring football ended Marcus and I decided to head down to St. George for the weekend.  Mitch came along with us, yes us three on a vacation haha. St. George always has the greatest weather and it was a blast.  We stayed at my Grandma's condo.  We went swimming at Green Valley, along with hiking which was my favorite.  Six months pregnant and hiking all the way to the top of a mountain I felt pretty cool I won't lie.  We ate a lot of good food, and just had fun relaxing and being somewhere warm!  Us three always have so much fun together.  
                                          the most competitive people you will ever meet, it's entertaining.  They played shuffleboard for hours while I sat by the pool drinking diet coke and loving my non-competitive life.
                                        Marcus said after, "Hayden we have to have a shuffle board in our back yard, that is one thing we need when we get a house".
                                            Gotta love the maternity swim suits.
                                          We went to eat at Texas Roadhouse with my Grandma
                                               Hiking! We hiked what was called the butterfly trail
                                            I wish you could tell how high up we climbed!
                                            Mitch said jumping would make him the highest person ever on the rock.           Probably true I mean he is 6'7.
                                             Marcus stood right behind me the whole time, I think he was worried with my imbalance being pregnant at all.  Such a sweetheart. 
 For Easter we had a cookie decorating contest at Marcus's parents.  Our friends the Larks and Jorgensen's came.  It was fun! Marcus did this zombie cookie which was creepy but cool and won first place.  I won "better luck next year" yes my cookie sucked.  Mitch was a little upset his bunny taking a bath didn't win.
We had so much fun! We have such good friends. Rachel is also pregnant with their first baby as well! There will be many future baby play dates. 
 Spring Scrimmage Game! My mom took this picture while Marcus was dancing. haha I love him so much
 Marcus did great.  I paid attention at least half the time, which is impressive.  The music was really loud there and our baby was kicking me a lot it was awesome!
 They were doing a commercial and I got to come in the locker room for a minute, felt weird being in there but I snuck over to my dad's old locker and took a picture! We always joke that my dad is Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite.  "If they only would have put him in in the fourth quarter".
 Marcus pointing to my dad's number and plaque
                          Marcus being interviewed.
                               I loved being in the sun! and with my favorite person in the world. 
                                  Baby's nursery is done! Yes I'm the crazy mom who already has his nursery done.  I'm a little excited can you tell??
                                    I LOVED putting everything together.  I made all the wall hangings, and the dresser I also painted and refurnished.  Along with the rocking chair!

                                            I've never seen Marcus excited to go shopping but we went and bought our baby a ton of clothes and Marcus picked out all Nike and Jordan stuff.  
                                 26 weeks!! Two weeks away from the third trimester. Crazy it has flown by so fast lately. I just signed us up for our "birthing class".  So excited for Marcus and I to go to those should be interesting/fun.
                                             This baby is 2 1/2 pounds! I feel him move all the time now, especially all night long.  It's so funny because I'll go to the movies and something really loud will happen and he will jolt in my stomach.  I love feeling him move, it makes everything seem way more real! And yes my belly is taking over! I don't mind though, he's worth it of course :) Oh and Marcus told me last night he had the first dream about our baby.  He said he came out the size of a frog and looked like a frog.  Awesome. 


  1. Love this post! And love you! Before Jack was born I had this dream that he was like two inches long, but other than that looked like a regular baby, and I carried him around in a bowl of pasta. He was like a baby shaped meatball covered in sauce. It was bizarre. You guys will have lots more dreams about the baby, so get ready.. Haha

  2. My above comment was weird. Who the hell shares a dream like that?