Saturday, August 24, 2013

Christian Mitchell Mathews

So I haven't posted in forever, my baby keeps me busy! I decided I like putting all our pictures on Facebook and Instagram and making those into digital scrapbooks, sorry to my few readers haha.  Christian Mitchell Mathews joined the world on July 11, 2013 at 4:55 PM at 8 pds 3 oz and 21 inch. Marcus and I couldn't get over what an amazing and perfect day it was.  I was pretty lucky and the delivery went very smooth. The only part that was rough was I of course threw up like 10 times, but I was used to throwing up since I was sick so much during my pregnancy.  I was induced at 39 weeks, so the night before we both couldn't sleep because we were so excited.  Marcus and I stayed up all night talking about our baby we would be meeting the next day.  We went in at 5AM and I opted to receive my epidural as soon as humanly possible, I'm a wimp okay?? The epidural didn't hurt at all and next they started me on pictocin.  After that, Dr. Judd came in and broke my water.  Marcus held my hand during this and for some reason it kind of hurt, the epidural hadn't kicked in yet, but it was fine not too bad.  I was dilated to a 10 by 12PM but the doctor wanted me to wait to push until later.  I had to push for about 7 minutes and Dr. Judd said he had such a big head he wanted to use forceps.  My doctor was so amazing and did such a good job.  He got him right out! Marcus and I both looked at our baby when he came out and the feeling was surreal.  I can't even describe it.  I know you hear people say they had so much love for their baby instantly, and it's completely true.  I got to hold him first and do skin to skin.  I then tried breastfeeding and he did great he latched right on, and I was so lucky for that.  When it was just Marcus and I in the room alone Marcus looked at me and said, I just can't believe this feeling and how much I love him and you, you guys are my world I would do anything for you.  It was such a beautiful day and we will never forget that.  The next six weeks of healing were alright, along with an emotional roller coaster.  You are adjusting to no sleep, breastfeeding every 2 hours, while loving everything at the same time.  Breastfeeding is wonderful and I love doing it, but it is not easy! It is definitely a sacrifice and I commend all the moms who do it, I will be breastfeeding for a year.  I love telling Marcus a new fact each day about it that I learn haha.  We just had an appointment yesterday with Christian and he was 98 percentile for weight, 97 for height, and 92 for head.  He is a BIG boy!! It's funny because his first appointment he was only 50 percentile for weight, he just has become such a good eater.  He is very healthy and happy.  The only time he is fussy is when he wants to eat or when he has gas poor thing.  We seriously are so smitten by him.  Seeing Marcus with him is the best thing ever, and we will be blessing him in two weeks.  Marcus has been so helpful through out all of this, even when I know he had football at 7AM and would be doing two a days, he still would help out if he heard Christian crying or come and help me with whatever.  I married such a great man! He is so sweet with Christian and always wants to play with him.  His favorite phase is, "It's guys night!" It's annoying but cute haha. We love being parents!
   Fall camp has been going well Marcus is healthy and has enjoyed it.  He loves having his brother Mitch with him.  He loves being a receiver and really likes all the other receivers and says how fun it is that they are all good friends.  It's so fun with Marcus coming home every night from football and being happy!!!!  He enjoys the coaches as well.  I'm excited for this season.  We even got Christian a little jersey just like his dad.  School starts for them in two weeks and Marcus will be one busy dad! I'm so happy I am done with school and am able to stay home full time with our little baby.  Life is good! Maybe I will update again in like 6 months ha. Here are some pictures...

 These newborns were taken by my good friend Rachel Lark! She did amazing!









  1. What a great story. You are the cutest little family. Love that little guy.

  2. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing. I am amazed by it all, especially Marcus being so awesome during camp of all things. You guys are fabulous =)Christian is a lucky boy.

  3. He is SO darling! It was so good seeing you at Brooke's birthday party! Hopefully our baby will be as cute as Christian!