Sunday, January 19, 2014

Random thought to all mothers... And my baby is 6 months!

I had a random thought last night come to me. I was reading an article that neglect was the number one thing babies and children are dealing with in the U.S. That made me so sad to even think about. It was higher than any other statistic. I think of all my family and friends and pretty much everyone I know and what amazing parents they are. I used to look down upon certain mothers and judge them so harshly because they didn't do things the way I do with my baby. But I don't do that anymore. So many moms are working so hard to help make their children's needs be met, whether that means going to day care so they can sacrifice working for their families, or doing whatever needs to be done. For the most part everyone  is trying their hardest and the best they know how in raising their kids. Who cares if some moms prefer the designer diaper bags, or those who couldn't care less and prefer one from Walmart ha. All of us have one thing in common, and that's making our children feel love and  meeting their needs. I have a new level of respect for all my friends and people that I know who just simply love their children. And that's what my new judgment is based on.  So all you good moms,
You know who you are. The ones who love their kids endlessly, give yourself a pat on the back! I don't know a single woman personally who is neglectful I'm lucky to know great people. Those statistics are very sad and that's why the women who are doing it right, should be praised.
(Some of my great friends who are moms) :)

Our sweet baby is 6 months old. Time has flown by. Marcus and I are both learning so much from this baby and can't believe we were blessed with such a good and happy baby. We recently went to San Francisco for the bowl game over Christmas. San Francisco was a beautiful city and we really enjoyed our time there. We even got to see the full house house, Marcus didn't watch that show growing up so he didn't realize how amazing it was to see the house uncle jessie lived in haha. Our baby keeps us busy! We spend all the time we can together. Christian is really such an easy baby. He goes to bed at 8 each night and wakes up to nurse at 6, then goes back to sleep until 8. He takes two naps now in the day. He has just learned how to roll over. He is so much fun to interact with! Everyone that meets him loves him. I like that he will let anybody hold him.  I've learned that he does not like his car seat!! He used to love it but now that he can sit up on his own he  doesn't like being so confined. I'm updating my blog as we are driving back from St. George, can't wait to see Marcus! It's only been three days but I miss him so much when we are apart. And that's my update for now. We love life and feel so blessed each day for our health and family.


  1. Hayden..Great words of wisdom...Love you Shauna

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