Sunday, August 2, 2015

Charlotte's birth story/random thought

Last time I posted was about a year ago? So anyways, I know only my mom reads my blog, hi mom. 
  We had our baby girl Charlotte Ruth Mathews, on May 28.  She was 6.13pd and 19in.  I kept having contractions the last couple weeks of my pregnancy, and on May 28, I remember waking up with all this energy.  I deep cleaned our whole apartment, painted my nails, shaved my legs, packed my hospital bag, and got everything ready if I possibly went into labor before my induction date that Monday.  It was a Thursday, I was texting two of my good friends Rashell and Sara. I was telling them how my contractions got stronger and stronger but didn't want to go to the hospital just to get sent home again (yes I might have thought I went into labor a couple times before, oops) they kept saying Hayden go to the hospital you're in labor... I got into the bath to try and relax and the contractions kept coming.  I was worried because we didn't have any family there yet, everyone was coming on Monday.  I got out of the bath and went and cuddled with Christian. Marcus was studying for a test on the couch and could hear me trying to breathe through my contractions. I started crying and felt a lot of pain and that's when I realized, okay get to the hospital ASAP if you want an epidural. So we hurried to the car, drove to the arrowhead hospital (it's 5 minutes from us) and got checked in.  When they checked me I was dilated to a 5, and 100% effaced. Charlotte was ready to come fast! They asked if I wanted an epidural which I almost screamed yes, and they wheeled me into a room and the anesthesiologist came in right away. She said if I would have come in any later, she had 2 surgeries and I would have missed the epidural, thank heaven we came then. After that, my friend from the ward came and picked up Christian to watch him for the night (we have the best ward, and had SO much help during this time). After Christian was in good hands and not running around the hospital, I knew I could relax.  My contractions sped up and she came about an hour after my epidural. It was such a great experience, I couldn't believe how fast it was and how easy it was.  She was so beautiful, we couldn't stop staring at her. I actually cried when I held her for the first time. She looked just like Christian, except 2 pounds lighter haha. She was so tiny and so perfect. Marcus was such a good support, even though he was interested in the medical side too and kept asking me weird questions like if he could put in my IV. Haha. Girls from the ward all took turns watching Christian the next day, I was so grateful for all of them! We then brought Christian to the hospital to meet his new sister.  Right when he walked into the room he yelled mamma!! And ran to me and wanted to lay with me.  We showed him his sister and he ignored her at first, but over time he wanted to touch her. Luckily my in laws came the next day to help with Christian, and took great care of him. My mom came the next week.  My mom was a saint. She made me breakfast/lunch/dinner. Did our laundry, took Christian to play everyday, cleaned everything, did our dishes. I cried the day she left, it was so hard having her leave. Marcus had to take over her duties when she left, my body was still healing and breastfeeding was taking up most my time.  Charlotte has been a joy to have in our family.  She is a very different baby from Christian. She's very alert and attentive, and does her fair share of crying :) but we love her more than anything. She has blonde hair and a mullet haha and not sure about her eye color yet. I think she might have her daddy's baby blues but they could turn brown like Christians did. So here are some pics. 

Life in AZ is going great, summers are brutal though!! Charlotte is now two months, and getting much better.  She's only nursing every 3 hours now and Christian is so sweet with her And adores her.  Marcus is going into his last semester in his accelerated nursing program. He graduates in December and then we will most likely stay here while
He works in the ICU getting experience for nurse anesthesia school. He's still deciding between anesthesia or practitioner, but is more drawn to anesthesia so we will see. 
Christian just turned two and we celebrated at chuck e cheese. It was so fun, I can't believe how fast our lives are going. Some days are so long and hard, but I wouldn't trade this for anything.  My little family is my world and I love being a mom to two kids now.  
And... A new cafe rio opened up right down the street and we got free cafe rio that day yahoo. 
The hardest part about living in AZ, has been the heat. The summer heat is ridiculous. I can't even let Christian run around outside, it even gets up to 115 outside. I'm learning how to play inside with him and make it through this rough heat until it's fall/winter again and we don't mind it here as much. 

Also, we are going to Utah to bless Charlotte. We are going up next week for two weeks during Marcus's school break. 

One more thought I have....

"Comparison is the thief of joy". For some reason this quote has been in my mind so much lately. After having a baby, your body is definitely not at its best, your house might be ALWAYS messy (mine), you might be super poor students and going to be students for a long time, you might start comparing your self or your life to others. DONT do it. Be so happy with what your life is all about. Embrace how different it is and how different you are. I'm learning to embrace our messy house, Christian running around like crazy at church, my body not losing weight like it did the first time, not owning a house and we won't for a while. Satan wants us to compare. He doesn't want us to be happy.  I love my imperfect life. 

 And here's a cute photo to end my thought. 


  1. I enjoyed reading this so much!. You are a great Mom and have a beautiful family! I'm really proud of you! You have learned so much! Love you and your sweet family!

  2. I am still mad I was gone during her birth! I missed all the action. So I really loved reading this! You are the best wife and mama. Thanks for the reminder, we all need it!! It's so easy to do especially with social media. On the other hand now I know my kids aren't the only ones crazy at church! Haha love you!

  3. Great post. Hayden. Love this little family