Sunday, September 14, 2014

Life in Arizona

Marcus graduated from BYU in August and got into an accelerated bsn program in phoenix so we moved to Arizona. His program is 14 months. He then wants to do either nurse anesthetist or nurse practitioner.  Arizona has been great so far. It's definitely hot like everyone warned us haha but we are learning to enjoy it. I think it's important to enjoy each phase in your life and look for the positive. My parents were awesome and helped us move everything down here. It was hard saying bye to them! We face time a lot with my parents and Marcus's parents.
Marcus's graduation day
Packed all our belongings! Thanks to our ward, friends, and family who helped a ton! 
Marcus's first day of school
Our cute little 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment
Christian has his own bathroom- what a relief since he's still in diapers haha

Christians room! Marcus put a desk in there and does all his homework there
We have a really nice pool and go swimming two, sometimes three times a day.
Our neighbors have this darling puppy that Christian loves! Everytime he sees him he freaks out. I always forget the dogs name oops
I got the best snap chat I've ever received from one of my best friends... Rashell and my dad (they are in the same ward)
There has been some CRAZY weather here! I guess we moved here just in time for the monsoon weather. There was a lot of rain and floods everywhere. I took this pic in our neighborhood

We went and drove by the phoenix temple the other day to see how it's coming along. It is absolutely beautiful! We are excited for it to open up it is only 5 minutes from our house. I love the spirit that can always be felt at the temple grounds.

First of all Christian is a giant and 100% for height.. And I can definitely tell by the pic he has some long legs ha. So we didn't have anywhere to watch the BYU game (poor students can't afford cable tv) so we called our bishop and our first counselor let us watch the game with him. He also invited us over for dinner with his family. It's so nice having such a great ward here! 

Christian drinking his apple juice by the pool- he thinks this life is pretty great. The other night we met the sister missionaries and Christian kept flirting and laughing with them. Our sister missionaries are so great and I love seeing them out and about teaching others about the gospel. 
Face timing has saved us! The only way he can see his grandparents that he's missing so much.

Out for dinner at chipotle. It's fun being in phoenix because there are so many places to eat at! Whatever you're craving they have. And I cut off like 3 inches of my hair it was gross and needed it. 
So I bought Christians Halloween costume then realized I bought a 9 month one(he wears a 2t now)Oops! Marcus and I could not stop laughing at how goofy he looked. I ended up buying him a bigger costume online from target and taking it back but this was too funny not to post. It's an owl if you couldn't tell.
Marcus has been so awesome with this move. I'm used to having my mom or mother in law always there to baby sit but now it's just me and Christian all day and it's nice when Marcus is home from
School and how much he helps out. He works his butt off in school- I'm so proud of him. I really lucked out with my hubby. And yes Christian is wearing GOLD mocs. I know mostly girls wear those but I accidentally ordered "metallic brown" and they ended up being gold. Whatever. 
My dad bought Marcus and Christian matching bow tie and tie! How cute is this. Life is going good- it will be nice once it starts cooling down here. For now we will keep exploring this place each day and enjoying this phase of life. Also I have to post the cutest picture of Christian and his uncle Mitch. Right before we moved we took this picture at the scrimmage. We are really missing both our families :)


  1. Great pictures and writings! Good job! Miss you guys but know youre doing great things in Phoenix!

  2. So fun to see the update! Ah your little man is growing soooo fast, he is to die for! Hope AZ is treating you well. With my newborn I'd die to be somewhere hot, I DO NOT want winter to come! Soak up some rays for us!